Monday, September 20, 2010

Sheikh Mojib

I Seriously questiuon this version. However, I would like to know the true stoy. Could you kindly investigate this item and tell us the truth.

Faruque Ahmed


Saturday, February 13, 2010

“Rum Colony” Magistrate got the power over rest of the world?!

“Rum Colony” Magistrate got the power over rest of the world?!

People of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon … are defending their own homelands from outsiders who have invaded their land illegally and immorally. Surely, people who are defending their own mother and homeland can not be and must not be branded as terrorists.

Any one who dares to do so should be referred to lunatic asylums.

Australians were forced to fight other peoples’ war before and after Gallipoli. Naturally the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan based on totally false and fabricated reason and ground are a sad indictment for Australia. Political leaders, media moguls and elite power brokers made these decisions without proper debate or discussions inside or outside parliament. Virtually they black mailed our nation towards immoral, illegal and un-winnable wars. In short, people who are pushing our nation in wars outside Australia and not in defense of Australia are worse than this silly Sheikh Haron.

When a non-Muslim commits any crime no one expects the respective community and community leaders to come out and condemn their fellow member. Therefore no one should expect Muslim community and Muslim leaders to condemn any individual’s alleged crime. Let’s stop any trial by media as well as stop inciting against Muslims based on Israel centric tradition.

By the way, since when and under what law an Australian Magistrate got the power over rest of the world?

Faruque Ahmed

Moderator, Free Australia Now

In the name of God

Report about Sheikh Haron’s Court for Bail Hearing 9th February 2010

Sheikh Haron for the second time represented himself in court.

Sheikh Haron gave his written reasons to court to explain why he did not agree with the Prosecution’s application which was made in the last court. Below is the Sheikh’s document:

Note: In the original document which was given to court there was the surname of a General who is related to Sheikh Haron. However, that surname has been deleted here for the privacy reasons.

The reasons I do not agree with the prosecution’s application for new bail conditions

1. The application of the Prosecution states that “Protected persons are any current or former member of the Australian Defence Force .....”

This is against the law because it prevents me from communicating with the Australian Government. The Minister for Defence is classified as a member of the Defence personnel, and that member of defence force is a member of the cabinet of the Prime Minister, so in fact the application prevents me to communicate with the Australian Government. According to the law every Australian citizen should have the right to communicate with the Australian Government including the Minister for Defence.

2. The clause which says “any foreign defence force or a member of such person’s family” and also the next clause about civilians serving or has served with any foreign defence force or a member of such person’s family, is very broad and it bans me from contacting the defence personnel all over the world. I have some relatives and friends in different countries who are members of the defence forces in some countries and I should have right to communicate with my relatives and friends. This clause prevents me to contact one of my relatives General Hassan ........ (Surname deleted). I have a message for one of my relatives and I need to contact General .......... (Surname deleted) to pass my message. This clause prevents me to contact a good friend of mine who works for Pentagon in USA. This clause stops me to contact my nephew who is a pilot. This clause bans me to communicate with my cousin who is a General in the army. I just contacted this General few months ago from my mobile, the AFP has the record of my mobile’s sim card and they know that it’s true. It stops me from contacting many relatives and friends around the world. And more importantly I won’t be allowed to contact my mother and my sister because they are the “family” of defence members.

3. I have sent the British Prime Minister a letter dated 8 December 2009 and I informed him that I would like to send 237 baskets of flowers attached with 237 condolence letters to the families of the British soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan since October 2001. Mr Gordon Brown on 7th January 2010 has thanked me for that. Public also knows about this. In such conditions it is not right for a democratic country like Australia to stop me sending these baskets of flowers and condolence letters. This will be against the democratic principles and it will not have a good impact for Australia in the international community to stop basket of flowers and condolence letters which the Prosecution and Court are aware of their content.

4. I have given the sample of the letter that I want to send to British families, to the Prosecution and court. Ms Wendy Firth told court on 28 January 2010 that there was no problem with the letter but the Prosecution added: I am concerned what if the letter will be different with this particular one considering that he had said in his statement that if he would send a letter he might give advice for killing civilians (of course Ms Wendy meant: advice for NOT killing civilians). Then the prosecution gave a copy of Crescent Times newspaper and a copy of my statement that I have made outside court for the media dated 10th November 2009. That statement was about the Australian soldiers, not international forces. In that statement I have said: “a note of advice will be always attached to my basket of flowers written: Please ask the Australian army not to kill the Afghan civilians”. That statement was about Australians, not foreigners. It makes sense to ask Australians to advise the Australian Government not to kill civilians in Afghanistan but it doesn’t make sense if I ask British people to advise the Australian Government not to kill civilians. On 28 January 2010 the Prosecution told court that she was concerned regarding my advice about not killing civilians, I promise that in my letters I will not advise people not to kill civilians, so please let me send my condolence letters.

5. On Tuesday 2nd February Court extended the current bail conditions. On that day I said to court that at the moment I am allowed to send the basket of flowers and condolence letters to the British soldiers, I have time till next week to send the letters but in the next few days I won’t send them because I do not want the Prosecution to be worry. And the Magistrate admired me for my decision. By explaining this I am trying to say that if I wanted to write any advice for not killing civilians I could do it in the past few weeks quickly before the new bail conditions probably stop me to do so. But my aim is not that, I want to send my condolence letters and at the same time I want to keep the prosecution happy as well, I don’t want anyone to be worry about my acts, I like to cooperate with everyone and keep all happy, so there should be a balance and cooperation. The court on 28 January 2010 suggested that there will be a scanning process by the Prosecution to check my letters before sending them, although I was not happy about it I agreed with that suggestion but it seemed the Prosecution was not happy about it. I am not sure, maybe the Prosecution agrees if the court suggests this solution again.

6. The clause which states “any person wounded or killed in a terrorist incident or a member of such person’s family”, is also very broad and it bans me from contacting all victims of any terrorist attacks around the world without any exceptions. I have relatives and friends in different countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Greece, Germany, UK, USA etc. This clause not only stops me from contacting my friends who get hurt in a possible terrorist attack in Australia but also it bans me from communicating with my friends, relatives and even my immediate family if they get hurt in such possible attacks.

7. The application is against freedom of speech.

8. Considering the all points mentioned above the application is clearly against human rights principles.

Kind regards,

Sheikh Haron

Anyway in the end, the Magistrate decided to amend the bail conditions and she explained to the Sheikh that he is allowed to contact the relatives but about the friends it is necessary to show the letters to the Prosecution/AFP to check and approve them.

According to the Prosecution’s application Sheikh Haron must not communicate with:

(i) Any current or former member of the Australian Defence Force or any foreign defence force or a member of such person’s family;

(ii) Any civilians serving or who has served with the Australian Defence Force or any foreign defence force or a member of such person’s family;

(iii) Any person wounded or killed in a terrorist incident or a member of such person’s family.

According to the Prosecution’s application, Sheikh Haron must not communicate with the protected persons by any means (including post, facsimile, telephone and email) directly or through a third person.

Sheikh Haron was very happy and excited that at least he was allowed to call his mother and other members of his family overseas. We appreciate the Prosecution and Court for allowing the Sheikh to contact his mother who is old and sick. We note that Sheikh Haron’s mother and sister overseas are classified as the family of the defence forces and if there was no exception for the Sheikh’s family, it would be illegal for Sheik Haron to call his mother and sister or to email his nephew and cousin.

Then Sheikh Haron tried to explain to court that yesterday he had been told by NSW police that there was no need to report to police anymore but the Magistrate said that this subject was not related to court and she asked the Sheikh to discuss about it with the Prosecution/AFP.

Outside the court room, Sheikh Haron talked to the Prosecution and AFP (there was four of them, Mr Chris O’Donnel and Ms Wendy Firth as prosecution with two AFP agents). The Sheik said: Yesterday the NSW police has notified me that there is no bail on the computer system anymore and you don’t need to report on Wednesdays. The Sheikh then gave a copy of the NSW police notice with the handwriting of a police officer as evidence. Sheikh Haron added: If I would listen to police I would be in trouble. They responded: Yes of course, you should listen to the court, not the police. The AFP agent added that court was more important than police. Then Sheikh Haron asked: Is this a plan (to frame me) or it’s misconduct? An AFP agent who didn’t seem happy to hear that question responded: It’s too much reading (or: you do too much reading). The AFP agent meant that Sheikh Haron was wrong and there was not any plan to frame the Sheikh. (We hope that the AFP agent is right and there is no conspiracy against Sheikh Haron to frame him). Then the AFP agent said that they would contact the NSW police and investigate about it (fix the matter).

Then the Sheikh said to the Prosecution: Last time the Magistrate reminded you to give me the copy of my document from the laptop, I have checked my PO Box yesterday but I still haven’t received it. The Prosecution said: You should request it in writing. The Sheikh said: But you have already agreed to give me that and even the court has reminded you to give it to me. The AFP agent said: Last time we asked you to write your request. The Sheikh said: Nobody has asked me that, who has told me that? The AFP agent said: Yes, we told you, there are lots of thing going on your mind.

Next day (On Wednesday 10th February 2010 at 3.35 pm) Sheikh Haron for reporting went to Campsie police station assuming that the AFP had already fixed the matter and his bail was on the system. Sheikh Haron gave his driver’s licence to a female police officer and said: I have come for reporting. The officer checked the computer and printed a receipt (like other times) and gave the printed receipt to the Sheik. At this time Sheikh Haron was happy that everything was fine and he thought that the problem on the computer system had been fixed. The Sheikh thought to himself that he was wrong when he asked the AFP agent whether there was a plan or misconduct? At that moment Sheikh Haron was thinking that he should apologise to the AFP agent for his question. While the sheikh was thinking about these things the police officer said: There is no bail on the system! The Sheikh said: If there is no bail on the system how did the printer issue a receipt? The police officer said: I did it manually, there is no bail on the system. The Sheikh said: Although there is no bail on the system I’ll report every Wednesday, I have been told by the AFP that I must listen to court, not police. Then the police officer asked the Sheikh to sign a paper. This was the first time ever that Sheikh Haron was asked to sign a paper while he was reporting. Sheikh Haron said: Sorry, I don’t sign anything, I listen to court. The police officer raised her voice and few times repeated: Sign here. The Sheikh said: But I am scared (Sheikh meant he was concerned) to listen to police and sign, I just want to do what the court has ordered. The police officer while still raising her voice said: How come you are scared to sign but you haven’t been scared to send letters to victims? The Sheikh said: What do you mean? The police officer said: You have sent letters to victims, it’s in the news everywhere. Sheikh Haron responded: But that subject is not related to this subject.

Anyway in the end, the Sheikh said: Ok I’ll sign but I need to know your name for my record, would you please write down your name for me. The police officer refused to give her name and said: What for? You don’t need my name. At this time Sheikh Haron tried to look at the badge of the officer quickly to remember her name and then signed the paper.

The Sheikh Has kept the full name of the officer for his record.

Important Notice:

If any person sends an email to Sheikh Haron, the Sheikh before replying any email he will investigate first to make sure that the sender of the email:

1. Is not any current or former member of the Australian Defence Force or any foreign defence force or a member of such person’s family;

2. Is not any civilians serving or who has served with the Australian Defence Force or any foreign defence force around the world or a member of such person’s family around the world;

3. Is not any person wounded in a terrorist incident around the world;

4. Is not any member of the family of any wounded or killed in a terrorist attack around the world.

Once the investigation is finished the Sheikh will reply to the email. Sheikh Haron apologises for any late reply because the investigation may take quite a long time. If the investigation is not possible and the Sheikh is not sure whether or not the sender of an email is one of the protected persons in the bail, the Sheikh might not respond to the email because it might be against the law. Sheikh Haron does not want to do anything against his bail conditions.

Source: Sheikh Haron Web

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Salman Rushdie to Tanvir Ahmed

Salman Rushdie to Tanvir Ahmed

Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and Norma Khouri are like Tanvir Ahmed! Generally speaking they are Israel Centric in nature. All of them found their meal ticket by insulting and attacking Islam and Arabs! They do not have gumption to scrutinize Israel and Zionists!

They condemn Nazis but embrace Zio-Nazis.

No one is telling other religious people what to do or not to do. However, every Tom, Dick and Harry loves to tell Muslim people what to do and not to do all of the time. Even, they are hiring people like
Tanvir Ahmed, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and Norma Khouri as spokespersons of Islamic society without any consent whatsoever!

I bet Tanvir Ahmed and The Sydney Morning Herald won’t dare to suggest the Hindus to eat cow and Jews to eat pork!

In conclusion,
Tanvir Ahmed and The Sydney Morning Herald have reiterated the overgrowing ant-Muslim conspiracies in Australia. Although some other people have suggested to me, “this misguided Tanvir Ahmed is suffering from cultural inferiority and he is overwhelmed by blatant anti-Muslim propaganda”.
Further to Christmas, Curry and Many Faiths, one eyed The Sydney Morning Herald failed to publish my contribution below about Tanvir Ahmed article!

I suppose
Tanvir Ahmed is not familiar with Michael Madhusudan Dutt of Sagardari on the bank of Kopothakho River, a village in Keshobpur Upozila, Jessore District, East Bengal (now in Bangladesh).

I also suspect
Tanvir Ahmed does not know Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Sharath Chandra Chatapdya, … . These great identities, with their distinctive styles, managed to expose millions of wrong doings by Hindu religion. Luckily, despite disproportionate propaganda, Islam does not need identities of those caliber and ferocities of that nature to reform itself!

Right now, we can ignore problems of Judaism and Christianity and try to understand Tanvir’s vulnerability. Before him
Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and Norma Khouri were aided and abetted by the Zionists! All of them are proven frauds!! Their claims are based on false and fabricated stories. Yet, basing on these fraudsters and falsified innuendos millions of anti-Muslim articles have been written, movies and documentaries were made all over the world.

Muslim and Arab bashing is the most popular sport in the town. For example people like
Bat Yeor, Melanie Phillips, Prof. Raphael Israeli and many more Zionists/"Jews/Israelis are borrowing entire chapters and verses from Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf against Arabs and Muslims and then they express their astonishment in German Poll Support Nazi Rule! A commotion like Greek Historian sentenced for 'Holocaust' denial does not attract the fundamental question of free speech like this question too!

Irrational Animal Lovers and Good Australian Muslims are under the rudder. However Jihad to Bolidan and 72 Virgins to Nothing are deliberately twisted by them. Islam Watch Watch or Stop the Blame Game is not their game either! Probably that's why John Howard – The Lying Son of A Bitch became the most popular Prime Minister of Australia at the back of fear and terror, prejudice and bigotry! However, one must know Why Muslims get 72 Virgins and nothing for others.

Ikhtiyar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji managed to conquer Bengal with only 18 horseman! The conquest was successful not because of force but due to beauty of Islam.

Would you believe the conquest of Bengal was bloodless too!

Christmas, Curry and Many Faiths

Today I went to
The Sydney Morning Herald website and searched for Tanvir Ahmed. The result was amazing! Many terrorists and terrorist related news appeared in the horizon. However, the real Tanvir Ahmed article I was looking for failed to turn up!!

After reading the article and related comments I found prejudice, bigotry and ignoramus galore. I won’t ask:
Who Is a Semite?
Do You Know Who Is a True Jew? and
What is a Judeo-Christian culture?

Asking above questions may push me at the edge of “anti-Semite” boundary without any valid reasons or grounds!

However, no one can ignore the fact that:
1. Jesus (PBHUH) is an exalted person and revered by Muslims.
2. The Jews conspired to murder him at Jerusalem and later his brother James at Rome.

You see, the “Jews” do not even accept Jesus (PBUH) and they insult mother Marry. Yet, Blind Australians and Australian Media look up for Judeo-Christian culture and despise Muslims without any corroborative reasons or grounds in the first place.

I suppose the quest of Tanvir Ahmed must go deeper. Eating beacon and egg is neither Christianity nor teachings of Jesus Christ.

Faruque Ahmed

Christmas, curry and many faiths
December 24, 2009

Comments 26

Growing up as Muslim, I never enjoyed Christmas. I was surrounded by rituals, events and hype about something I was told not to believe in. Friends rang my doorbell early on Christmas morning ready to show off their presents. I gawked at their bike or remote-control car but then quietly retreated to my room, wondering when television would graduate from the singing of carols and uplifting stories of sacrifice to being filled with hours of cricket.

As with Palestinians and Iraqis, I felt humiliated and dispossessed by an overbearing show of Western force, outgunned by gigantic Christmas trees and ostentatious decorations.

Nor did reassurance from my parents help. They reminded me that I received presents during our Muslim ''Christmas'', known as Eid, which was also filled with gluttony and, at least in countries that were majority Muslim, crass commercialism.

I was asked to recognise that our community had its own Santa Claus-like figures, armies of long-bearded old men who kept odd hours and retained tabs on who had been naughty or nice. They were known as sheikhs or mullahs. Their presents ranged from fatwas to obscure references to the Koran.

I became resentful about Christmas. Having no outlet to channel my anger, I quietly withdrew to my sporting memorabilia. I dreamt of a world where I could belong, eating bacon and swilling alcohol without fear of retribution.

My younger sister was more aggressive and insistent on celebrating Christmas. Suddenly our home was filled with trees and decorations, tinsel, streamers and even a strange herb called mistletoe. Small presents appeared in our house, although they rarely survived until Christmas morning to be opened.

The food didn't change. There were no Christmas turkeys or mince pies. We continued to eat my mother's parathas, curry and a lassi-like drink that was meant to be like egg-nog, but laced with turmeric.

Given Islam followed a lunar calendar, there were several years when the major Muslim celebration coincided with Christmas, much like the Jewish Hannukah does each year. This was a time of particular joy, for it allowed us to assert our religious festival more forcefully, to trumpet our minority identity in a multicultural society. It was ''Chanukeid'' season.

Some Muslims even began giving greeting cards and decorating their houses. The miracle of the virgin birth was replaced with the miracle of Muhammad splitting the moon. I lobbied for something equivalent to midnight Mass at the local mosque but the clerics rejected it vehemently.

They argued that the mimicking of Christian celebrations was a capitulation to the dominant culture. I told them it was tough showing off to friends about praying five times a day.

Surveys among American Jews have shown that those who are most concerned with assimilation are most likely to go all out for Hanukkah, to entice their kids to keep the faith. This was also true for Muslims, an example of a competitive marketplace in the realm of religious festivals.

The more we attempted to mimic Christmas, the more it became clear Christmas had evolved into a secular celebration as much as a religious one.

Many households of non-Christian faiths such as mine adopt the customs of the day, from Christmas trees with presents for the children to taking the opportunity to have a family get-together. Strict Jews and Muslims treat the day as any other but most welcome the public display of religion in a culture that shuns the outward expression of faith. The celebration of family and community is a universal aspiration.

The degree to which Christmas should be emphasised in a multicultural society may be contentious to some, yet voices of protest rarely emanate from non-Christians. I am particularly amused by the occasions when well-meaning folk have corrected themselves to call Christmas the ''holiday season'' to appear more inclusive for my benefit.

Since Coca-Cola first adopted in its advertising a bearded man in a red and white suit, Jesus has long been supplanted by Santa. Father Christmas may be a jolly figure of secular commercialism but he is arguably more accessible for disparate groups.

I have since married a Christian, caving in to my cultural oppressors. We do not take religion too seriously. I have grown more comfortable sitting next to the Christmas ham. I still receive few presents and when I do, they are usually socks or ties. I have yet to wake my friends to show these off. I await the cricket to begin the following day just as eagerly.

Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatry registrar.

26 comments so far

Strange and shallow article... you seem more focused on the wrapping paper rather than the actual meaning of any of the celebrations you described
Sarah Berala - December 23, 2009, 7:39AM

This is actually a much bigger phenomenon here in Britain where there is much more debate about how Muslims should behave in Christmas. I have a number of Pakistani friends and they say it can become quite heated when debating issues like buying presents or having decorations in Xmas. But I agree with the author's sentiment that the celebration has essentially become a secular one- which is actually more inclusive. I didn't think it was shallow at all- it was funny!

Billy London - December 23, 2009, 8:08AM
You sound conflicted, Tanveer. Why is it that Islam seems to have the most problems in coexisting with other cultures?
Oppressed? Don't make me laugh. I'm oppressed at having to read this endless stream of complaint from interlopers of intolerant cultures.

Paul Ashbury - December 23, 2009, 8:18AM
Shallow? Really? I would look deeper. Once you remove the wrapping paper it is apparent that the message is not about the meaning of the celebrations but that faith brings eople together regardless of religion.

Navig8 - December 23, 2009, 8:31AM
Sarah, get over yourself. To my mind you are strange and shallow with your criticism of this persons reminiscences. In so many ways I have similar memories of a childhood spent in a foster home.

shortfatbaldguy Blue Mountains - December 23, 2009, 8:37AM
I think its sad that your family was not able to strengthen its own religious beliefs and bowed to your and your sister's pressure to be like the majority around you. I myself am a Muslim, born and bred here but never felt that I was missing out on Christmas, I just knew its wasn't something I celebrated in our religion.
Paul, Islam doesn't have a problem is only a group of people who have the problem.

mystic - December 23, 2009, 8:57AM
I always have to scoff whenever Muslims in Australia complain of cultural oppression. People in Australia are free to practice whatever religion they want (provided it doesn't violate the laws) or no religion at all.
I wish the same could be said for some muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Malaysia - which actively discriminate against people of non-muslim religions.

mkay CBD Sydney - December 23, 2009, 9:10AM
Let's not forget that the original celebrations held in late december was the pagan celebration for the Winter Solstice. After the Romans became Christians, the date of the birth of christ was chosen to occur inline with the pagan festival. Most biblical scholars agree that it is highly unlikely that Christ was born in December.
So really this celebration is whatever you want it to be. If you're devoutly Christian, then celebrate Christ. If you're atheist, celebrate the holiday, if you're any other religion then pick some event to celebrate, and if you're the grinch who stole christmas... then write a whiney article.

pk Sydney - December 23, 2009, 9:03AM
You know, despite the fact that I am a particularly devout Buddhist, I've never had a problem celebrating Christmas. Christmas has never had anything more than a patina of religious celebration about it, and, at least in Australia, has always been a simple Saturnalian celebration of the end of the year dedicated to everyone. I visit my Christian friends' parties; catch up; enjoy and simply luxuriate in the pleasant company of others at a universally accepted celebration time.
And to those who think it's cultural imperialism... I don't remember anyone complaining when I celebrate Tet, or the lunar new year, or any other celebration relevant to my religion. Nor did they probably mope around complaining about it or feeling all "uncomfortable." I think those people who feel uncomfortable about being around others celebrating are genuinely sad people.

Wack - December 23, 2009, 9:44AM
So sick of every article written by a muslim being followed by stupid comments from bigotted people who immediately assume the article is somehow criticising western culture.
This article is clearly observational in nature. It would be strange being surrounded by a celebration that you haven't grown up with. As an athiest, I felt like this on World Youth Day. You feel like an outsider looking in. I think this article is a musing about that. It's perfectly normal, perfectly natural and most of us would feel the same way.
Everything I've read by this author shows that he is an objective thinker who happens to be muslim and one of the few muslim commentators I've read who can comment on our society without sticking the boot into western culture. People should read his articles and use them as an opportunity to empathise and understand.

Sally Sydney - December 23, 2009, 9:35AM

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pant Centric Bradley and arrogant Anne Turner

Pant Centric Bradley and arrogant Anne Turner

Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA

Further to Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Why Sex?, panty centric conspiracy of Trevor, Reg Kermode Thugs Went on to Kidnap and Rob Faruque Ahmed and NW TDA Committee Member please examine the following.

In response to:

You are a liar Trevor, You served me nothing. You are stalking me. You have been harassing me. You have attempted to rob and kidnap me.

Faruque Ahmed


Gutless wonder,

Why are you not answering my valid questions and accusations? Why do you like to hide under mummy’s bikini?

Faruque Ahmed

In response to:

Come on panty centric Bradley answer me. By the way, I am waiting for your legal action. Your attempt to kidnap and robbery was not good enough?

--- In, "teebrad54" wrote:

Ernie, we have had enough insults from Faruque on this exec site. Please take him off. enough is enough, fair go mate.

Trevor Bradley


P.S. I know gutless wonders are not capable to defend or debate freely. Therefore, they love to tie hands and legs of their opponents and then they love to seal opponents’ mouth! Only after completion of these processes these gutless wonders will attack their opponents!

I therefore will publish above information in my webs and blogs in order to inform members and public as well defeat gutless wonders' ant-taxi driver conspiracy.

Mighty Trevor, Powerful Anne or anyone for that matter are welcome to respond me publicly.

It became clear - you conspirators do not want to assist taxi drivers. You love to suck taxi mafia. You are having secret meetings with them. No minutes were produced to ensure accountability and transparency. You took money from the taxi mafia.